Fall Newsletter

Annual Meeting

The Lenox Place annual meeting will be held on September 25th at
the Beverley Hills United Methodist Church at 7:30.

Open Board Positions & Committee Members Needed

Members of the Lenox Place Board of Directors serve three-year
terms. Two board positions will be open this September. The Board
of Directors meets monthly at the Beverley Hills United Methodist
Church and works closely with our management company and our
committees. Being a board member is a great way to participate in
our community.
Currently, the Landscape Committee has only two members,
Annette Gillis, who is the chair and Pam Roberts. Jim Rorke is the
board liaison. The Landscape Committee is looking for more
members. This is not a time intensive committee, as it meets about
three times a year or on an as needed basis. The Landscape
Committee raises issues and makes suggestions to the board
concerning trees, shrubs, drainage, signage, planting, and other
We also need a volunteer to assist in managing the Lenoxplace.org
web site. The site needs to be modernized and improved to fully
support the community. Additionally, the parking committee needs
volunteers. If you are interested in heading the Community
Relations committee, please email one of our board members, it is a
key function that can positively influence our community.

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