Welcome to the new Lenox Place Website!

Lenox Place Community,

Welcome! As you can tell, our website looks different! Over the past few months the Board has been hard at work crafting this new site, hopefully you will find it easy to navigate and obtain the information you are looking for.

A few major differences from the previous site:

  1. First and foremost, this site is now a blog-style site. This means that the posts you see here on the main page will be updated whenever there is new and relevant information to share. This also means that older content will be eventually pushed off the page. If you are ever looking for something specific, use the search boxes on the right hand side of the page!
  2. Since this site is new, don’t be surprised if the look and feel of the site changes from time to time. As the community starts to use it and we collect feedback, we will tweak some things here and there. We will also be adding new features from time to time as well, so check back often!
  3. All of the content from the old site has been retained, however it might be in slightly different locations. Use the menu buttons at the top of the page to explore the other static pages in this site.

If you have any questions or notice something missing that used to be here, please fill out the feedback form below and let us know!