Support Your Community, Build Leadership Skills, Make Connections, Have Fun … and Respond by 4/22

Your Lenox Place at Sunnyside is looking for people in our community to raise their hand, build and use leadership and professional skills, grow new connections, strengthen our community, and have some fun. We’re seeking volunteers for:
  • Notary Public to collect signatures at periodic evening meetings this spring here in Lenox Place (stipend available)
  • Architectural Review Committee members to help evaluate applications for home exterior improvements using our community standards. Great for someone with an architectural and engineering eye
  • Budget Committee members to help plan and oversee LPAS income and expenditures together with our Treasurer and association management company. A terrific opportunity for a person wanting to work their fiscal muscles
  • Community Relations Committee members to help connect LPAS neighbors with one another, with our surrounding community and with official Alexandria on issues like transportation, recreation and public safety
  • Landscape Committee members to support the continued beautification and maintenance of LPAS grounds
  • Parking Committee members to promote public safety and quality of life through community parking education and compliance.
Are you in? Click on this LPAS Community Involvement survey form and sign up by COB Apr 22! All candidates and positions are subject to Board review and acceptance.

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