New to our community? Welcome – and be sure to get and use your LPAS parking hang tag

Summertime has brought new neighbors to our wonderful Lenox Place at Sunnyside community – welcome! You’ll notice our common areas parking is very limited. So that common area parking is available to residents, all vehicles parked in LPAS common spaces must display the white and green LPAS hang tag at all times or risk enforcement. For the enjoyment and safety of our community, please:

  • Use your garage and driveway first, if available, to park your vehicle(s).
  • If you’re a new owner, make sure you’ve got your white and green LPAS hang tag from management.
  • If you’re a new renter, be sure to get your LPAS hang tag from your home owner. If you are an owner renting your home to a tenant, you are responsible to ensure your tenant has an LPAS hang tag.
  • Never park in posted fire lanes.
  • Any questions please contact LPAS property management here.

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