It takes all of us to keep our Lenox Place at Sunnyside beautiful and safe

We have many wonderful community volunteers who work hard and support keeping Lenox Place at Sunnyside beautiful! Supporting their dedication in keeping our community lovely and safe requires all our cooperation, especially in these areas brought to our attention by our neighbors:

Clear common areas. Our community common areas are for everyone’s enjoyment – and not for personal storage or refuse of any kind, including behind homes. Store your items inside your fenceline or home, and dispose of all refuse properly and promptly. Violations can draw enforcement actions, so check behind your property and keep it clear always.

Scoop for your pet. And dispose of pet waste properly, promptly and safely every time.

Recover street and sidewalk toys. To keep our residents, guests and first responders safe, bring all toys inside after everyone’s done playing.

Our neighbors thank you!