Is your vehicle parked unmoved more than 7 days in the same LPAS common area parking space? It may be considered “abandoned” and subject to enforcement

Is your vehicle parked in a Lenox Place at Sunnyside common area parking space more than 7 days unmoved? If so, it may be considered “abandoned” according to LPAS policy, subject to enforcement which may include towing at your expense – regardless of whether it is displaying a valid LPAS hang tag.

We’re all responsible to park neighborly. To avoid enforcement of LPAS “abandoned vehicle” policy on your vehicle, either:

Move your vehicle to another spot, or to your garage or driveway right away. Or;

Write the LPAS HOA Board using this site,, and provide notification that your vehicle, displaying its valid LPAS hang tag, will be parked in an LPAS common area parking space unmoved more than 7 days. Include the make, model, color, and license plate number of your vehicle.