Lenox Place at Sunnyside HOA Introduces its 2020-21 Board of Directors, who Name its Officers, and Thank an Outgoing Officer and our Candidates for Volunteer Roles

At its meeting Mon., Sept. 28th, the Lenox Place at Sunnyside Homeowners Association 2020-21 Board of Directors named and installed its officers:

Frank Purcell was named President for a second one-year term;

Saide Ashaboglu was named Vice-President for a second one-year term; and,

Robin Roberts, Haben Petros and James Rorke were named members at-large for the term. Petros and Rorke began new terms of service on the Board from election results announced at the Annual Meeting Sept. 26th. Petros was elected to the Board for the first time.

At its meeting Mon., Nov. 23rd, the Board named Molly Perkins from the community and outside the Board as Treasurer, and named Robin Roberts as Secretary, as permitted by Lenox Place at Sunnyside bylaws (Article VIII, Sec. 1).

The Board also expresses its thanks to Jonathan Greger on the conclusion of his service on the Lenox Place at Sunnyside HOA Board of Directors. During the most recent term he served as Treasurer and Secretary, oversaw the conduct of another clean audit, and developed and implemented modernization of community financial investments.

The Board also thanks community members who were among the four candidates for two Lenox Place HOA Board positions and not elected, Greger and Margo Gorra-Stockman. Like our neighbors who were elected, these neighbors also expressed their willingness to serve our community in important volunteer roles.