We would love for you to be involved … join a committee!   

This page currently reflects 2022 committees of LPAS HOA.  The elected Board is responsible to approve new committee members.  Please ask your questions or let us know your interest by clicking and it will be routed to right person to respond to you.  Homeowners are encouraged to submit their names and interest via the contact link will be considered and voted on by the Board in Executive session at every meeting.  Committee memberships are no longer term limited, you may continue to serve on your approved Committee’s until the Board takes action to change members’ membership.    

Landscaping Committee: Robin Roberts, Chair; Kelly Chambers, liaison to the Board.  A. To protect community value and quality of life through regular landscape evaluation, beautification and maintenance, including tree maintenance, of the LPAS HOA property; B. To monitor LPAS landscaping services agreement in such a manner that outcomes and quality is regularly and consistently assessed and reported to the Board; C. To monitor and update monitor and update when needed LPAS develop for Board review and approval a communication document describing landscaping services in the community; D. To develop for Board review and implementation a management and communications sequence for scheduled community tree trimming initiatives; and E. To communicate effectively with the LPAS Board through its liaison to the Landscape Committee.

Parking Committee:  Sherwin Lee, liaison to the Board.   A. To protect community value, public safety and quality of life through parking enforcement and communication of neighborly parking adherence consistent with LPAS bylaws and declarations; B. To propose revisions to LPAS HOA parking policies consistent with LPAS bylaws, declarations, declarations revisions and state law; C. To communicate effectively with the LPAS Board through its liaison to the Parking Committee and report any committee meetings or updates to the Board; and D. Monitor performance of LPAS towing contractor.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC): Molly Perkins, chair; Jim Rorke, liaison to the Board.   A. To protect community value and consistency through implementation of and adherence to LPAS HOA bylaws and declarations; B. To monitor a to the Board that LPAS published (paper and online) architectural review documents are accurate and up to date; C. To recruit and onboard additional members of the committee in support of orderly organizational transition; D. To communicate effectively with the LPAS Board through its liaison to the ARC, and report committee meeting minutes in writing to the Board; and E. To develop for Board approval and execute a communications plan with residents supporting its charge

Finance and Long-term Planning Committee: A. To support LPAS HOA budget processes each fall; (B) To monitor financial investment policy; (C) To monitor reserve study financing; and (D) inform decision making by the Board on such matters on a regular basis.

Committees are always allowed the opportunity to report during open Board meetings.  Any necessary documentation can be submitted prior to be included into the Board packet. 

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