We would love for you to be involved so…  join a committee!   Last Updated: Sept 2017
Please direct questions/interest to the LPAS Board at and it will be routed to the appropriate committee/members

Head over to the meeting minutes page to view minutes from committee meetings.

Landscaping Committee 

Board Liaison: Jim
Current Goals:
Budget Committee 
Board Liaison: Bella
Current Goals: To support the goal of strong HOA community financials by advising & providing input to the board on responsible spending decisions
Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Board Liaison: Margo
Current Goals: Maintaining the community architectural consistency and standards
Community Relations/Newsletter Committee
Board Liaison:
When to contact this committee: If you have ideas for newsletter involvement and/or would like to volunteer for making this committee active in other ways
Current Goals: Stay aware and apprised of community events and build community relationships, e.g. group volunteering for local non profits, inform community of local happenings, building rapport with local law enforcement, attending local city government meetings and bringing this information to LPAS Board meetings and the board
Neighborhood Watch

When to contact this committee: If you would like to get involved or add ideas for neighborhood safety measures
Current Goals: Create a safer community
Parking Oversight
Volunteers Needed!