Keep Lenox Place at Sunnyside Beautiful – Keep Waste and Recycling Containers Indoors Except on Collection Days

Everyone wants to keep our wonderful Lenox Place at Sunnyside community beautiful! Part of that commitment is with every neighbor following our community governing documents requirements on waste and recycling containers. We’ve seen a few waste and recycling containers outdoors lately and post this friendly reminder for all.

* Waste and recycling containers may only be outdoors on collection days. They may not be left out overnight or on other days.

* Collection days are posted on our community website and this City of Alexandria site, The City notes when holidays, inclement weather and other factors may change the regular collection day.

* Lenox Place governing documents rules on waste and recycling containers appear in our Covenants at Article VI, Section 6 Prohibited Uses and Nuisances, Paragraph (e).

* Keep Lenox Place at Sunnyside beautiful and avoid an enforcement for violation notice by keeping your household waste and recycling containers indoors except on collection days.