As promised in the Board’s June communication, this is an update on the progress being made within Lenox Place on the significant improvements to our erosion and drainage.   


Please have the following patio gates open / accessible so that Miss Utility can mark and confirm utilities before beginning erosion / drainage work on the exterior (only) of patios.   Those addresses are: 

3800-3804 Elbert Ave. (odd only)    3801-3817 Courtland Circle (odd only)    3801-3925 Charles Ave. (odd only)   

September 2022:  LPAS Erosion and Drainage project commencement

Good News!   The start date for our projects has been advanced.  Beginning September 7th, Miss Utility will begin marking HOA areas to be addressed.  Initial tree removal work, weather dependent, will commence.  Additionally the first area to be addressed will be at the South end of our HOA property, adjacent to the South gate 3800-3804 Elbert Ave.   As further schedule updates are available they will be conveyed via email, admin. posted on FB and made available on our web site – www.lenoxplace.org  

August / September 2022:   

All homeowner driven specific suggestions, requests and comments were accepted by the Board and approved.  The LCS contract was amended and pricing updates from LCS were received by the Board and approved in August.  Copies of the final proposal may be requested by emailing our Capitol Manager, Jane Houston at jhouston@capitolcorp.com

June / July 2022:

After further review and discussions the proposal from LCS was agree to by the Board and signed June 17th .   The Board sent out another reminder communication announcing the approval of the LCS contract bid and solicited homeowner feedback.  Several items were sent in emails to our Capitol Mgr., Jane Houston.  The Board took all provided comments / requests and suggestions and conducted another on-site meeting with our LCS vendor on July 21st to review those requests (and to request pricing updates). 

In conclusion, our Board, consisting of five annually elected members, volunteer considerable time and energy and bring to the table a multitude of backgrounds and professional experience.  All members are working toward much fuller transparency and sharing of information while moving forward in a productive, positive, and cost-effective manner.  The Board is obligated to work in a fiduciary capacity for the benefit of the entire HOA membership.  It strives to maintain our common areas and community standards.  This communication, focused on erosion and drainage and Board action, is being provided with those objectives in mind.